NANOSTINE Engineering new nanoparticles and clusters is our commitment

Why Are We Different?

Nanostine is a spin-off of the CSIC devoted to research, development & commercialization of high added value nanoparticles and nanostructured coatings. The fabricated nanoparticles are completely free of ligands on their surface, which makes them especially suitable for applications in different fields, such as the aerospace sector, energy and nanomedicine.



Clusters and nanoparticles can be obtained in a highly crystalline order (depending on the chemical composition) and free of ligands.



Clusters and nanoparticles are fabricated in ultra high vacuum which guarantees the purity.



Clusters from few atoms to nanoparticles of few nm to 30 nm are produced. The size distribution is narrow and well controlled.



All elements that can be magnetron sputtered can be used providing a wide choice of chemical compositions.



Manufacturing of nanoparticles with structures that are not accessible by other routes.


Green Tech

Does not generate toxic byproducts (only the Argon that is released into the atmosphere).

The Technology

Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) technique for the fabrication of nanoparticles in gas-phase (bottom-up).

  • Atoms are ejected using a magnetron gun.
  • The controlled aggregation of the atoms allows the growth of the nanoparticles.
  • The nanoparticles are extracted in the form of a beam.
  • UHV Purity control.
  • Precise control of the composition, size (1-30 nm) & size distribution.
  • Gas-phase, ligand-free, solvent free (100 % of surface available).
  • Absence of toxic by-products, green technology.

Application sectors



Nanostine provides high purity nanostructured materials for aerospace industry.
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Nanostine provides highly controlled nanoparticles and clusters for imaging and drug delivery purpose.
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Nanostine provides high purity nanoparticles coatings for increasing efficiency in energy storage.
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Highly Qualified Team

Daniel González

Daniel González


PhD in Chemistry (Nanoscience) from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He specialized in the synthesis of nanomaterials for their application in photocatalytic processes.

Science communicator experienced in different media, and coordinator of different activities related to nanotechnology and solar applications.

Sandra Cortijo

Sandra Cortijo

R&D manager

PhD in Physics (Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology) from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Experience in gas-phase synthesis of nanoparticles and 2D-materials and their characterization by different spectroscopies and microscopies.”


César Rodríguez

Laboratory Staff

Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Complutense University of Madrid.

Master degree in Nanophysics and Advanced Materials from Complutense University of Madrid.

Production and aerospace department tasks.


Yves Huttel

Co-founder, Scientific Team

Research Scientist at Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC, Spain).

PhD in Physics (Materials Science) from the Université Paris-Sud, Orsay, France. Expert in gas-phase synthesis of nanoparticle and clusters, growth and characterization of low-dimensional materials.

Co-inventor of the patented technologies employed by Nanostine.

foto Lidia mas reducida

Lidia Martínez

Co-founder, Scientific Team

Distinguished Researcher at Instituto de Ciencia  de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC, Spain).

PhD in Chemistry (Materials Science and Technology). Expert in gas-phase synthesis of nanoparticles and characterization of low dimensional systems by different spectroscopies and microscopies.

Co-inventor of the patented technologies employed by Nanostine.


José Miguel García-Martín

Co-founder, Scientific Team

Research Scientist at Instituto de Micro y Nanotecnología (CSIC, Spain).

PhD in Physics (Materials Science) from Univ. Complutense de Madrid (Spain), Marie Curie postdoc at Université Paris-Sud (France) and Fulbright Scholar at Northeastern Univ. (USA). Expert in nanostructures with applications in magnetism, optics and biomedicine.


Iván Fernández


PhD on Physics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with thesis work at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Expert in plasma vacuum technology for the deposition of thin films and nanostructures.

Co-inventor of the patented technologies employed by Nanostine.

General Manager of Nano4Energy.


Miguel Carretero


Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Technical University of Catalonia (UPC).

Responsible for the FI Boost program and FI Nvest vehicle at FI Group.

More than 13 years of expertise in financing the innovations through the management of R&D tax incentives and grants.

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